About Us

We recognize that for our Service Users the most important people in our organization are the care and support workers with whom the customers will have regular contact. Our staff have a wide range of qualifications and we are committed to providing continuing training and development to the highest standards. The range of training that is provided to all staff includes:

  • Comprehensive induction programme - Mandatory Training and Specialism's. Practical and Theoretical training. All staff are introduced to the Service Users and vice versa. Also, all staff shadow experienced staff until they feel able to work alone and on their own initiative.
  • Robust recruitment procedures - all our staff are fully DBS checked and have all the required checks in line with Care Quality Commission regulations.
  • Professional Development - we are committed to ensuring that all staff are formally qualified or trained, and will support staff to achieve further qualifications in Health and Social Care
  • Supervision and Appraisal - staff development is driven by regular assessment of all staff who works with Montécare. This ensures training needs are identified and resolved on a continual basis.
  • Pastoral care and Debriefing is given to any member of staff when it is required. Follow ups are ensured to make sure that the member of staff feels fully supported.
  • Uniforms and Protective Clothing - two uniforms are issued per year and any other uniforms are expected to be paid for by the member of staff. All Protective clothing is issued freely. Staff will be given a starter to pack to assist with the day to day business of care, e.g. organizers, torch, panic alarm, name badge etc., You will be given a set of handbooks to enable you to understand our policies and procedures and to assist you with any queries you need to ask or know.

Training is always ongoing and updated.