Rewards & Benefits

Many of our staff have been with us right from the beginning and are building on their careers. The team gets quite excited when they are acknowledged for their hard and dedicated work. Everyone loves to be valued - and be assured you will be valued.

We are complimented in so many ways and the staff seems to thrive on this and want to do even better. At our latest Inspection when we heard the results it was very touching and lovely to see so many staff showing their enthusiasm and appreciation really for their own efforts. Everybody cheered!!!!!!!

So we feel it is only fair to make sure you are rewarded for your efforts. We are always aware and looking into how we can reward you. Some of the ways in which we do this is by giving:-


We regularly network and check other care provider's rates of pay to make sure we're competitive. And in order to keep up with any changes in the market.


We also offer extra rewards - employees are nominated each month to recognize individual achievement. The employee with the most nominations receives a gift.


Staff are asked if they would like promotion if they are showing that we feel they are up to the job. This is of course after a certain period of time working with us.


Routes to bettering your training and careers e.g. become a trainer in certain specialist subjects.


Our Pastoral care is second to none. If you have a problem or need to talk to us we will always listen and help you to the best of our ability.

Again we are always looking for more benefits to give you. Watch this space.....